Young Men

Here are the various young men who participated in the young men's program during my tenure.  Some of them were really outstanding (most of them actually), some were kind of goofy, some were (and still are) almost as weird as I am, and some are relatives.

Evan Phillips

Matt Houston

Paul Miller

John Hammack

Dan Lopez

Chris Berneau

Abraham Krizin

Stuart Clements

Austin Sisneros

Jacob Krizin

Austin Swenson

Thomas Clements

Paul Raffensparger

AJ Roque

Bryan Mecham

Fernando Filippelli

Todd Raffensparger

Alan Phillips

Adult Leaders

I worked with some pretty awesome leaders.  Here they are in alphabetical order (not necessarily in awesomeness order).

Terry Belt
deacons & teachers advisor

Bill Berneau
2nd counselor

Cody Christensen
priests advisor

Chris Cogswell
1st counselor

Diego Filippelli

Garlan Fitzgarrald
scout committee, bishopric

Bryce Hays

David Heywood

Fred Mecham
deacons advisor

Kerk Phillips
president, me

Yeongmi Phillips
scout committee chair

Cynthia Raffensparger
scout committee

Scott Raffensparger
scout committee

Dale Roberts
deacons & priests advisor

Don Roberts
scout committee

Dustin Roberts
scout committee

Fran Rode
1st counselor

Trent Rolf
1st counselor

Chad VanLeuven
priests advisor

Chubbers McSquirrel

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This page was last updated on March 18, 2007