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Timp Foothills Backpacking (April 2007)

Deacons Game Night (March 2007)

Scout Day Hikes (February & March 2007)

Maple Dell Skiing Campout (February 2007)


Strawberry Fishing Campout (October 2006)

Beaver High Adventure Camp (July 2006)

Maple Flat campout (June 2006)

Paul Raffensparger's Eagle Court of Honor (May 2006)

Fathers and Sons Campout (May 2006)

Frisbee Golf (May 2006)

Big Spring 11-year-old backpacking campout (May 2006)

Goblin Valley campout (April 2006)


Diamond Fork campout and hot springs hike (November 2005)

Dan Lopez's Eagle Court of Honor (November 2005)

Provo Cave Outing (October 2005)

Golf Outing (October 2005)

Paul Raffensparger's Eagle Project (October 2005)

Timpanogos Backpacking Trip (September 2005)

Scofield Scout Camp (June-July 2005)

Bryce Canyon (June 2005)

Dugway (May 2005)

Burriston Ponds (April 2005)

Bonneville Shoreline Trail (March 2005)


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